Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A couple more layouts

This is a layout of Blaze at two years old. And this is a layout of Mustang and I practicing for the bench show.

A couple cards

Well here is a couple cards I made recently this is a fall card I made for a swap.

This is a a upcoming stamp club, I just wanted to get a jump on designing it.

Here is one of two decigns for my christmas cards this year.

A scrapbook layout!

Well I finally started scrapbooking again, I had just not been scrapooking that much at all and then Friday I went to a scrapbook crop, I did not get to stay the whole time but was able to get some pages done. Here is a page that I did this weekend. I like how it turned out. and am happy to be at it again.
I have set all my stuff up so maybe I will stick with it and get some pages, I am a year behind now.
I really need to get caught up.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zac turns 12!

Today, is Zachary's 12 birthday this picture was taken on the 4th of July at the parade.

It is hard to believe that he is 12 already and that in a month he will be going into the 7th grade.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 weeks

Here is the puppies at 4 weeks old. I can not get over how big they are getting.
They are getting out and moving around so much.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 weeks

Here they are this was taken today. This is there second time having milk over dog food.

Pups 2 weeks

Better late or never, They are now three weeks.

I will post a new picture as soon as I go our and get a new one.

Picture 1 top to bottoms
Valley. Paint, Mohack, Pinto
,Picture left to right
Clyde, Wild Thing and Spotted Pony

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A card

These are a few cards I recently made, I so need to get back in the groove
of things. I have not been doing alot. We have been going to dog shows 3-4 times a week.

I really hope to fine some time and make more cards and get back to scrapbooking so I can share a few layouts.
I did read the book my sisters keeper last weekend and it was a good book, I was a little disapointed in how it ended but I guess not all books end how u want them too.
I ordered the new James Patterson "Swimsuit" I am waiting on it to come in the mail. I love James Patterson and look forward to everytime he has a new book come out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well Zac is enjoying summer, he made it to 7th grade he got his final report card a few weeks ago and got all A's and B's. He is excited for his Birthday to come. He has 27 days after today and he can not wait. Not like most for the cake, gifts, party. He is excited to turn 12 in hopes his mom will finally let him sit in the front seat of her car. Since I have air bags he has never been aloud in the front, so this is exciting for him.
He is so enjoying summer, lots of game time, playing with his dog, swimming at deer creek, lots of family time.
This picture was taken of Zac with his new glasses.

Mudd Pie

This is Scioto River Mudd Pie he is 10 weeks old.
he is our first Bluetick english.

Miranda's Girls

These are my niece Miranda's girls.

Yelin (Miranda's Oldest) Izzy (Miranda's Middle Child)
Jocelyn (Miranda's baby)

Mindee's Boys

These are my niece Mindee's boys

Jesus (Mindee's oldest) Christian ( Mindee's Middle Child)
Junior (Mindee's baby)

A few cards

Here are a few cards that I recently made.

July 1st

Sunday was my nieces oldest son Jesus's 5th Birthday party, We had a cookout at deer creek, the kids all got to swim. He had a cute Mickey mouse cake. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Here he is with his favorite gift ( which Aunt B - Me) got him. A Soccer Ball.

This is junior after enjoying his brothers cake.