Monday, December 29, 2008

more layouts

This is her after winning Best in Show.

This is Mustang and I on her Birthday.

This is Mustang and Zac on her birthday.

scrapping day

Here is a card I made, I have redicovered my Crimper. I also love my new punch and stamp set from Stamp in up. I stamped the outline then punched it using the punch. Then I stamped my hello inside. I think it turned out great.

This is a two page layout that I did of Mustang.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here is a new picture of Mustang. She is now 20 months old and as spoiled as ever. In this picture she is laying in my bed playing with her stuffed snake toy. The date on the picture is wrong as I got a new camera and had not figured out how to fix the date.

Wow I suck as a blogger!

Wow, I really do suck as a blogger, I never think to get on my blog and write. I decided I will try better to post in 2009. I am going to try for once a week.

A little update, we have a new house dog he is now 3 1/2 months old his name is Cherry Creek Maximum. He was given to Zac in October and he came in and never made it outside to be with the other dogs. Mustang seems to be adjusting to having another dog in the house. She still lets everyone know that she is the top dog. Zac loves having them both in the house, he enjoys playing with them.

We are looking forward to a new year of dog shows and having lots of fun as a family.

This is a picture of one of the cards I made recently. I have enjoyed making cards alot more with my two sisters so I thought i would share one. I will try to post more cards next year too and maybe i will even share some layouts too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Baby is in the band!

Well, Zac joined the band when school started and we got him a alto saxaphone. He is doing really good and we are very proud. He has his first concert in December.

Mustang Update!

On October 18th, We took Mustang ( GR CH SCIOTO RIVER MUSTANG) to a English Sectional at Chillicothe, Ohio. She won Queen of Show ( she also won this same thing last year at 6 month, she is now 18 month) Also pictured is her 1/2 brother GRCH NTCH NICKEL CREEK RED OAK MUDD
We are so proud of our little girl.

Babies, lots of babies

Baby Jocelin was born on October 10, she was 6 pounds 18 inches. She has two older sisters Yelin and Isadra. There mom is my nieces Many
They live in South Carolina

Baby Junior, was Born on October 27, 2008 at
11:50pm, His full Name is Miguel Rios
Amador, he was 5 pounds 14 ounces and
19 1/4 inches. He has two Older Brother Jesus and Christian. Their mom is Mindee. ( Mandy's sister) They live here in Ohio

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wow, It has been a while.

Well it has been a while since I posted. Zac is loving middle school, and he is doing good 3 A's , 1 B, and 2 C's. He is doing great playing his Saxophone. He is playing his 8th season (indoor and Outdoor soccer) My Niece moved to Ohio In June and we recently went to the Columbus Zoo.

This Just Zac holding Christian and Jesus is to the left they are looking at the elephants. They had a great time. We only got to see half of the zoo as my nieces is 35 weeks pregnant and dilated to a 2. So when she started having cramps we left, She is still fine and baby is still inside growing.

We have lots of babies at the Timmons Place. We have a litter of Treeing Walker puppies out of our Grand Champion female. There is 3 boys and 3 Girls. They are darling.

Little 2- Our young Rabbit Had 10 and there is 4 left
1- Our Older Female Had 7 we have 4 left.
We have 4 but only 3 in this picture.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Baby starts middle school today.

Well it is official Zac started middle school today. I did good, I dropped him off, watched him walk through the door and then I said a few things to a friend got in my car to drive home and cried all the way.
He was very excited to start middle school mommy not so much.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mustang Makes Triple Grand Show

Here she is, she made NKC Grand Show at Atlanta, Ohio July 26th. We are very proud. She is 15 months old. UKC Grand Show, NKC Grand Show, AKC supreme Grand show. We are planning on starting her in the woods soon.

More Birthday photos

Here is the Invitaions that I made for Zac's Party. I made 25 of these and wrote in all them and mailed them.

Here are some of the pictures from our basketball game.

New additions...

Mustang and Lucky meeting for the first time.

This is Wildfire and Lucky, they are three months old and the latest addition to our kennel. We got them from a friend of ours who also gave us Mustang. They aree both three months old but they are not sisters. Lucky (the white one) came from Mississippi and Wildfire (the red one) came from Ironton, Ohio. We are very happy with our new babies. They spent the first night at our house in the house so that right we had a 15 month old and two three month old. At first Mustang was not happy but she did end up sharing her toys and blanket with the other babies. The two little ones are ourside in a keenel together and doing great, and Mustang is happy to have her house back.

A few more Birthday photos

This is Zac opening his BB gun from his brother and His KISS CD.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Zachary's Birthday cake getting ready to blow out candles.

Zac's Birthday Party

Well we had a very busy weekend. We had two dog shows one each Friday adn Saturday night at our club which means we do everything. Saturday we had a family thing to go to which was about a hour drive away. We had a cookout and played in the pool.

Then the party on Sunday. I got up ran to get a few last minute things at wal-mart. Upgraded my cell phone. Came home Made 5 pounds of hamburger into Sloppy joes, Cooked 50 hot dogs.
Then Load everything in to the car at 1:30pm to head to the park we we having the party.
I get there and we start setting up. My sister brought an extra table so we could set up under the trees. Ernie and i got everything set up.
Everyone brought there own chairs and we had a couple benched we moved over. Wwe all sat around ate, talked and had a great time.
After Food and cake he open presents. Mommy and daddy got him a new Black DS ( now mommy has a white one) The Mario game for it and $1.00 for every year he is old.
Aunt flo got him 20.00 which he got early and bought Kingdom hearts two with.His brother and SIL got him a BB gun, BB, a kiss CD and NCAA Football 09 .
His Friend Matthew got him a nerf gun. And he recieved 70.00 from other family members.

So he had a great birthday. After Presents we played two games of boys z girls basketball. Each team won one game.

So it was a great day and fun was had by all.

Monday, June 30, 2008

My Friendship Swap Layout

Here is my Friendship swap Layout, I have 12 more to make. but at least I have started them. I like how they turned out and I am having fun today.

Twice in one week...

Wow, twice in one week, I have to be on a roll. yesterday we went ot my nieces house her son's birthday was yesterday and he turned 4 years old. He was very happy to have his party. We had a great time. I was the only one with a camera so I took lots of pictures, 70 to be exact. He got a bike, sandles, clothes, a truck, a singing toy, a Diego movie, and water guns. Of Course water guns means water fight and I was able to stay out of the way and not get wet. Yeah me. I was very tired lastnight and fell asleep and missed my favorite show Army wives on Lifetime. I need to get online and see when they are rerunning lastnights episode. I hate that I missed it.

Today, we dropped Ernie's truck to be fixed. Hope to get it back in time for the shows this weekend. I am also working on my Friendship swap layouts today. I am excited they are looking great.

I am attaching a picture of the birthday boy. Once I get the layout done I will share the finished product.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Here is our Mustang. This is an AKC show at Darbydale. She is a AKC Grand Show Champion with a Win toward Supreme.
She is a AKC Grandshow Champion. And a NKC Champion with 4 wins toward Grand.
We are very proud of our Little girl she is 14 months old.

Wow June is almost over!

Wow, June is almost over and It has been forever since I sat down and posted to my blog. I need to try and get better about this. In May, My girlfriend Michelle did a photo shoot of Zachary, and we got some great shots. These are couple of my favorites.

At the end of may Ernie was diagnosed with Diabetes. We are managing it with Medicine and a Diet. He is doing alot better. Ernie got so sick he lost 25 pounds in 10 days and had no appetite. It was kinda scary.
We are also staying busy with the dog shows. Our little Mustang is doing so good. She is the top English dog in the AKC shows and we are very proud.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Flys

Wow is time flying by, i just can not seem to keep this updated. Zac only has 5 weeks of 5th grade left. I am amazed as to how fast that is going by. I only have a 5 weeks left as the secretary of the parent group at his school. I am not to sure I am ready for Zac to be in middle school.
I was able to take time and go to a local cop that my Creative Memories Consultant puts on each month.

Here are a few of my layouts.
The First one is a Blessing 2 page layout. It is all the things that Ernie, Zac and I are grateful for.
The pictures are Mustang and Zac enjoying thanksgiving dinner.

I recently ( February) got a Cricut, it was a late birthday present from my niece. I love it and find that I am using it alot to scrapbook and make cards.

Zac got a Redbone coonhound gave to him when the puppy was 7 months old. He just recently turned 1 year old (April 9th). This is a two page layout that I did of Henery and the first snow he ever saw.

These are pictures that Zac and I took one morning, we had had a major frost and zac was cleaning off the car windows. Then we got on our way to school and Zac took the camera and had me slow down so he could get a picture of the weeping willow tree. He loves the weeping willow but it was especially beautiful .

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday, The day after the snow stopped!

Well the snow stopped lastnight, Columbus got a total of 20.4 inches and We got close to that.

This is Zac in one of the snow drifts next to our truck. Zac enjoyed playing in the snow today. He threw snowballs at mom as she took pictures. Then we also had Mustang out to play.She loves thte snow and enjoyes jumping and playing.
We had a nice time playing in the snow. And I got some great pictures. We also got the car and truck out, which took the biggest part of two hours but if there is school tomorrow then we can get out and get Zac there.
This is Mustang this afternoon when we tied her out to play. She had to be tied as she would take off and run and I was worried she would get to close to the road.
She did get away from Zac and she went out to the other dogs out back and played. She jumps through the drifts it is fun to watch her, But then we had to come in so she could take a nap.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blizzard in Ohio

Wow it is only 10 am on Saturday and we already have 10.5 inches of snow. This picture was taken of Mustang this morning when she went out to potty, we had to snap her leash to the fence since her tie out is under all the snow. Mustang loves the snow and wants to go out and play but it is still snowing and coming down hard and then with the winds blowing it is miserable out.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Wow a whole month....

Wow, It has been a whole month since I have posted to my blog. Guess time just got away from me. Right now we are home bound our county is under a snow emergency, only aloud on the road if it is a Emergency. We are under a Blizzard watch, supposed to get 10-14 inches of snow. I was going to a 13 hour crop, got everything in the car, took Zac to school and then it started to snow. I ran a couple errands the whole time the weather getting worse. While Driving in town my car fishtailed a little, I freaked and turned around and headed home. While on the way home I did a 360 turn and ended up in the ditch. I was able to drive the call the rest of the way out and come one home. Then Ernie and I picked Zac up early from school.
This is a picture from the last snow we got and Mustang was tied out to play in it she loves the snow and enjoys playing with Zac in the snow. It has been snowing to hard today to get any pictures of her she wants to go out do her business and get back in the house.
Something else to share Zac is doing very well in school he has 2 A's and 3 B's. We are very proud.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wow what a week

Wow what a week we have had. Zac stayed home from School last Friday and has been home from school eery since, the poor baby has type A flu. He is feeling so much better but he is still very tired. So he has been spending lots of time sleeping the last couple days. I figure he will be ready to go back to school Monday. I am hoping to go to a 13 hour crop tomorrow, Ernie is going to keep Zac while I go. I took some pictures today of things I wanted to put in my all about me album so I am hoping to get to work on that tomorrow. I have not done a page in a few weeks so I am really looking forward to getting some pages done.
So after the weekend I will hopefully hae more pages and cards to share with you all.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

I am happy to see Monday here. We had a nice weekend, Saturday Zac and I went to Mother/Son Bowling at Shawnee lanes with alot of other moms from Westfall.

We had a great time. I was not able to bowl as my back hurt. Then after bowling was over we went to meet Ernie at Our Local Coonhunters Club Atlanta, Ohio. This is our club we as a family do alot at this club. When we get there it is busy carrying things in, making coffee, and getting things ready to go.

The comes time for the bench show, I showed my mustang and she won Best Female of Show beating 3 other females. So I am very happy about winning.

Zac and I did not get home till 9:30pm we were very tired. So we took Sunday as a day off, Zac played his game, I laid on the couch and watched TV, Ernie ended up hunting another of our dogs her name is Nite Ch. Stylish Nite Sho, She also won the Nite Champion part. So we had a great night.

Today, I am playing catch up, dishes, Laundry ( if the washer gets fixed) and then I want to do a least a page and maybe a couple cards.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Jan. 24

Wow I have not been online that much and I have not posted to my blog in almost a week.
I have been helping to plan mother/son bowling at Zac's school. We are all going bowling this Saturday. They had a great responce. I have not been scrapbooking that much either. I am in a tag swap so I am going to work on them today. I also have some cards to get done also. I think this weekend Zac and I are going to go to the town I grew up in I need a picture of the house I grew up in and the picture of my elementary school, since I am working on my all about me album. Zac is also bugging me about going to the cemetary to see my mom and dad's grave. So I need to take him.
I will share my tag and some of my cards after I make them.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Well No School today, they are having a teacher professional day. So we ran a few errands and now Ernie and Zac have went to a dog show with a friend of ours. I got to stay home and watch Mustang, (our 9 month old Puppy) I am thinking I will actually go into my scrapbook room and get to scrapbooking. I did not get a page done yesterday so I may be behind a page.

This pictures is Mustang laying on the couch with her I love my dog blanket and she has a daddy's hunting sock as those are her favorite chew toys.

She is 9 months old and I started showing her at 6 months old, I was able to finish her into a UKC ( United Kennel Club) grand show champion at 8 months old. We are very proud of her and she is very spoiled. She is still our house puppy and who knows if she will ever go out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A couple layouts

Zac's First day of Fifth grade layout.

Zac's Soccer pictures from this past season.


Well I am finally feeling better and even walking a little better. Just trying to not over do it as I do not want to have to lay around any more. I did however read the new Amazing Grace book by Danielle Steel it was very good. I am glad that I feel better as I was able to scrapbook today. I got two pages done and a third page laid out to do maybe later.

This is Zac's First Soccer game. They won!
Sorry about the flash, I am going to work on taking pictures of my layouts without the flash.
I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend. Zac does not have school Friday, as it is a teacher work day and Monday is Martin Luther King day. Iam hoping a 4 day weekend will be good for my back and for my scrapbookking too. Zac is wanting to work on his scrapbook so we may get things done.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Not alot going on around her, I have pinched a nerve in my back and it hurts alot.
I have spent the whole weekend and the start of this week laying around with the heating pad on my back. I called the Dr. today and was told that my Dr. is out of the office for the whole month. That he would be back in February but he was booked up till May. I explained to the lady that I was in alot of pain and surely someone was taking care of my Dr. patients. She says yes the other Dr's. in the office are but they are all booked up this week. I was and am still very pissed by this How can you not get a patient in they have 4 or 5 Dr's. So I plan to call again tomorrow to see if I can maybe get a appointment that someone has canceled.
I can sit but I have to sit on a pillow on my left side ( the side that is hurting). I was able to scrapbook one page yesterday but it was very slow going. I stood and made dinner for my family last night and I was in lots of pain afterwards, stand for even a short period of time hurts alot.
Well I hope to scrapbook and make cards and I will share when I do.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


My Nephew Jimmy Joe's Little Girl Michaela came for a visit too and this was our first time seeing her.

My Sister Ruth with 3 of her 5 grandbabies.

A few more layouts

Another layout- from the boys visit.
This is the first page of my all about me album.

Saturday Jan. 12, 2008

Well seems I missed a day already, I got up yesterday to go to a 13 hour crop, while loading things into my car I did something to my siattic nerve and I ended up missing the crop and laying in bed on a heating pad all day. I had hoped to feel better today and I can at least sit for a period of time today., but I do not think I can go to a 6 hour crop today. I try to attend the monthly crops held by my Creative Memories Consultant they are always lots of fun and I get alot done. Maybe later i can do a page or two if I can site that long. I am going to show you a few pages that I have done this year.

This layout is My Niece Mindee's Two boys Jesus and Christian when they came to a visit August 2007

This is a pool layout, from the boys visit to Ohio