Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday, The day after the snow stopped!

Well the snow stopped lastnight, Columbus got a total of 20.4 inches and We got close to that.

This is Zac in one of the snow drifts next to our truck. Zac enjoyed playing in the snow today. He threw snowballs at mom as she took pictures. Then we also had Mustang out to play.She loves thte snow and enjoyes jumping and playing.
We had a nice time playing in the snow. And I got some great pictures. We also got the car and truck out, which took the biggest part of two hours but if there is school tomorrow then we can get out and get Zac there.
This is Mustang this afternoon when we tied her out to play. She had to be tied as she would take off and run and I was worried she would get to close to the road.
She did get away from Zac and she went out to the other dogs out back and played. She jumps through the drifts it is fun to watch her, But then we had to come in so she could take a nap.

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