Friday, April 18, 2008

Time Flys

Wow is time flying by, i just can not seem to keep this updated. Zac only has 5 weeks of 5th grade left. I am amazed as to how fast that is going by. I only have a 5 weeks left as the secretary of the parent group at his school. I am not to sure I am ready for Zac to be in middle school.
I was able to take time and go to a local cop that my Creative Memories Consultant puts on each month.

Here are a few of my layouts.
The First one is a Blessing 2 page layout. It is all the things that Ernie, Zac and I are grateful for.
The pictures are Mustang and Zac enjoying thanksgiving dinner.

I recently ( February) got a Cricut, it was a late birthday present from my niece. I love it and find that I am using it alot to scrapbook and make cards.

Zac got a Redbone coonhound gave to him when the puppy was 7 months old. He just recently turned 1 year old (April 9th). This is a two page layout that I did of Henery and the first snow he ever saw.

These are pictures that Zac and I took one morning, we had had a major frost and zac was cleaning off the car windows. Then we got on our way to school and Zac took the camera and had me slow down so he could get a picture of the weeping willow tree. He loves the weeping willow but it was especially beautiful .

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stefani said...

I cannot believe that he is old enough for middle school. I remember when he was just a baby. They really do grow up so fast.

I like your layouts and the titles. The cricut looks neat. I have the QK's Sillohuette but have not figured out how to use it yet.

Love the pictures of the snow on the tree. :)