Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mustang Makes Triple Grand Show

Here she is, she made NKC Grand Show at Atlanta, Ohio July 26th. We are very proud. She is 15 months old. UKC Grand Show, NKC Grand Show, AKC supreme Grand show. We are planning on starting her in the woods soon.

More Birthday photos

Here is the Invitaions that I made for Zac's Party. I made 25 of these and wrote in all them and mailed them.

Here are some of the pictures from our basketball game.

New additions...

Mustang and Lucky meeting for the first time.

This is Wildfire and Lucky, they are three months old and the latest addition to our kennel. We got them from a friend of ours who also gave us Mustang. They aree both three months old but they are not sisters. Lucky (the white one) came from Mississippi and Wildfire (the red one) came from Ironton, Ohio. We are very happy with our new babies. They spent the first night at our house in the house so that right we had a 15 month old and two three month old. At first Mustang was not happy but she did end up sharing her toys and blanket with the other babies. The two little ones are ourside in a keenel together and doing great, and Mustang is happy to have her house back.

A few more Birthday photos

This is Zac opening his BB gun from his brother and His KISS CD.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Zachary's Birthday cake getting ready to blow out candles.

Zac's Birthday Party

Well we had a very busy weekend. We had two dog shows one each Friday adn Saturday night at our club which means we do everything. Saturday we had a family thing to go to which was about a hour drive away. We had a cookout and played in the pool.

Then the party on Sunday. I got up ran to get a few last minute things at wal-mart. Upgraded my cell phone. Came home Made 5 pounds of hamburger into Sloppy joes, Cooked 50 hot dogs.
Then Load everything in to the car at 1:30pm to head to the park we we having the party.
I get there and we start setting up. My sister brought an extra table so we could set up under the trees. Ernie and i got everything set up.
Everyone brought there own chairs and we had a couple benched we moved over. Wwe all sat around ate, talked and had a great time.
After Food and cake he open presents. Mommy and daddy got him a new Black DS ( now mommy has a white one) The Mario game for it and $1.00 for every year he is old.
Aunt flo got him 20.00 which he got early and bought Kingdom hearts two with.His brother and SIL got him a BB gun, BB, a kiss CD and NCAA Football 09 .
His Friend Matthew got him a nerf gun. And he recieved 70.00 from other family members.

So he had a great birthday. After Presents we played two games of boys z girls basketball. Each team won one game.

So it was a great day and fun was had by all.