Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday, The day after the snow stopped!

Well the snow stopped lastnight, Columbus got a total of 20.4 inches and We got close to that.

This is Zac in one of the snow drifts next to our truck. Zac enjoyed playing in the snow today. He threw snowballs at mom as she took pictures. Then we also had Mustang out to play.She loves thte snow and enjoyes jumping and playing.
We had a nice time playing in the snow. And I got some great pictures. We also got the car and truck out, which took the biggest part of two hours but if there is school tomorrow then we can get out and get Zac there.
This is Mustang this afternoon when we tied her out to play. She had to be tied as she would take off and run and I was worried she would get to close to the road.
She did get away from Zac and she went out to the other dogs out back and played. She jumps through the drifts it is fun to watch her, But then we had to come in so she could take a nap.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blizzard in Ohio

Wow it is only 10 am on Saturday and we already have 10.5 inches of snow. This picture was taken of Mustang this morning when she went out to potty, we had to snap her leash to the fence since her tie out is under all the snow. Mustang loves the snow and wants to go out and play but it is still snowing and coming down hard and then with the winds blowing it is miserable out.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Wow a whole month....

Wow, It has been a whole month since I have posted to my blog. Guess time just got away from me. Right now we are home bound our county is under a snow emergency, only aloud on the road if it is a Emergency. We are under a Blizzard watch, supposed to get 10-14 inches of snow. I was going to a 13 hour crop, got everything in the car, took Zac to school and then it started to snow. I ran a couple errands the whole time the weather getting worse. While Driving in town my car fishtailed a little, I freaked and turned around and headed home. While on the way home I did a 360 turn and ended up in the ditch. I was able to drive the call the rest of the way out and come one home. Then Ernie and I picked Zac up early from school.
This is a picture from the last snow we got and Mustang was tied out to play in it she loves the snow and enjoys playing with Zac in the snow. It has been snowing to hard today to get any pictures of her she wants to go out do her business and get back in the house.
Something else to share Zac is doing very well in school he has 2 A's and 3 B's. We are very proud.