Monday, June 30, 2008

My Friendship Swap Layout

Here is my Friendship swap Layout, I have 12 more to make. but at least I have started them. I like how they turned out and I am having fun today.

Twice in one week...

Wow, twice in one week, I have to be on a roll. yesterday we went ot my nieces house her son's birthday was yesterday and he turned 4 years old. He was very happy to have his party. We had a great time. I was the only one with a camera so I took lots of pictures, 70 to be exact. He got a bike, sandles, clothes, a truck, a singing toy, a Diego movie, and water guns. Of Course water guns means water fight and I was able to stay out of the way and not get wet. Yeah me. I was very tired lastnight and fell asleep and missed my favorite show Army wives on Lifetime. I need to get online and see when they are rerunning lastnights episode. I hate that I missed it.

Today, we dropped Ernie's truck to be fixed. Hope to get it back in time for the shows this weekend. I am also working on my Friendship swap layouts today. I am excited they are looking great.

I am attaching a picture of the birthday boy. Once I get the layout done I will share the finished product.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Here is our Mustang. This is an AKC show at Darbydale. She is a AKC Grand Show Champion with a Win toward Supreme.
She is a AKC Grandshow Champion. And a NKC Champion with 4 wins toward Grand.
We are very proud of our Little girl she is 14 months old.

Wow June is almost over!

Wow, June is almost over and It has been forever since I sat down and posted to my blog. I need to try and get better about this. In May, My girlfriend Michelle did a photo shoot of Zachary, and we got some great shots. These are couple of my favorites.

At the end of may Ernie was diagnosed with Diabetes. We are managing it with Medicine and a Diet. He is doing alot better. Ernie got so sick he lost 25 pounds in 10 days and had no appetite. It was kinda scary.
We are also staying busy with the dog shows. Our little Mustang is doing so good. She is the top English dog in the AKC shows and we are very proud.