Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zac's Birthday Party

Well we had a very busy weekend. We had two dog shows one each Friday adn Saturday night at our club which means we do everything. Saturday we had a family thing to go to which was about a hour drive away. We had a cookout and played in the pool.

Then the party on Sunday. I got up ran to get a few last minute things at wal-mart. Upgraded my cell phone. Came home Made 5 pounds of hamburger into Sloppy joes, Cooked 50 hot dogs.
Then Load everything in to the car at 1:30pm to head to the park we we having the party.
I get there and we start setting up. My sister brought an extra table so we could set up under the trees. Ernie and i got everything set up.
Everyone brought there own chairs and we had a couple benched we moved over. Wwe all sat around ate, talked and had a great time.
After Food and cake he open presents. Mommy and daddy got him a new Black DS ( now mommy has a white one) The Mario game for it and $1.00 for every year he is old.
Aunt flo got him 20.00 which he got early and bought Kingdom hearts two with.His brother and SIL got him a BB gun, BB, a kiss CD and NCAA Football 09 .
His Friend Matthew got him a nerf gun. And he recieved 70.00 from other family members.

So he had a great birthday. After Presents we played two games of boys z girls basketball. Each team won one game.

So it was a great day and fun was had by all.

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