Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Jan. 24

Wow I have not been online that much and I have not posted to my blog in almost a week.
I have been helping to plan mother/son bowling at Zac's school. We are all going bowling this Saturday. They had a great responce. I have not been scrapbooking that much either. I am in a tag swap so I am going to work on them today. I also have some cards to get done also. I think this weekend Zac and I are going to go to the town I grew up in I need a picture of the house I grew up in and the picture of my elementary school, since I am working on my all about me album. Zac is also bugging me about going to the cemetary to see my mom and dad's grave. So I need to take him.
I will share my tag and some of my cards after I make them.

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