Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Jan. 12, 2008

Well seems I missed a day already, I got up yesterday to go to a 13 hour crop, while loading things into my car I did something to my siattic nerve and I ended up missing the crop and laying in bed on a heating pad all day. I had hoped to feel better today and I can at least sit for a period of time today., but I do not think I can go to a 6 hour crop today. I try to attend the monthly crops held by my Creative Memories Consultant they are always lots of fun and I get alot done. Maybe later i can do a page or two if I can site that long. I am going to show you a few pages that I have done this year.

This layout is My Niece Mindee's Two boys Jesus and Christian when they came to a visit August 2007

This is a pool layout, from the boys visit to Ohio

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Melinda said...

That is the most beautiful layout that i have ever seen.You are the most wonderful aunt one could have.I love you so much.Jesus said look that's me and Christian.I love you and wait til the next layout