Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9th

Well I have finally decided to join the world of bloggers. I am very excited not sure how often I will post but I plan on trying really hard.
I am working on giving myself 1 hour a day to scrapbook ( since I am trying for a page a day) and / or make cards. So far I am doing pretty good, today however I took the time to make this blog site and get this going. So I plan on sharing some of my cards and some of my layouts on here. Yesterday I made 4 thank you cards using the same idea. I am going to share a picture of the card too.
Thanks for stopping by.

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mom2triplets04 said...

Welcome to the blogger world. I love blogging. I'm doing the photo a day so I've been updating my photos and writing each day. I plan to scrap what I write on my blog when I get a chance to. but first I'm trying to organize my life and get rid of some clutter. Looking forward to seeing more updates on your blog.