Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wow what a week

Wow what a week we have had. Zac stayed home from School last Friday and has been home from school eery since, the poor baby has type A flu. He is feeling so much better but he is still very tired. So he has been spending lots of time sleeping the last couple days. I figure he will be ready to go back to school Monday. I am hoping to go to a 13 hour crop tomorrow, Ernie is going to keep Zac while I go. I took some pictures today of things I wanted to put in my all about me album so I am hoping to get to work on that tomorrow. I have not done a page in a few weeks so I am really looking forward to getting some pages done.
So after the weekend I will hopefully hae more pages and cards to share with you all.

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cajunsis said...

Hopefully, your little guy is feeling much better now. I hope your back is better too.

You look wonderful :-)