Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2009, I can not believe it is the beginning of a new year already. I have my pork and sauerkraut on and cooking. The TV is on Football, Zac is playing Nintendo dogs and the dogs are in there pen napping. So I decided to post my first post of 2009 to my blog.

Today is all about the football games, so when I get tired of football I may go in my office and scrapbook. I hate that my numbers have to start over again. I had a great 2008 year. For scrapbooking, I did 164 pages in 2008 and 493 cards in 2008. So that was a great year.

For the dogs, Mustang finished into a NKC grand show champion and AKC supreme Champion. She is right now in second place in all the english coonhounds in AKC bench shows. We are hopeful that when all the results are in that we will take the lead back. She was in the lead for months then lost the lead and we have been trying to get it back.

So here is to a great 2009.

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cajunsis said...

2009!! Yeah, the numbers start again - wish I could even SCRAP! No scrapping here in Singapore though.

Good luck on your doggie!