Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well So far so good, It has been one week today and I am here posting, I am excited that I am sticking to it. I actually added it to my weekly to do list. I have also added to scrapbook a page a day and to make a card a day. So far the cards I am doing good on, but i am behind on pages but I will catch up.

Zac had to build a balance for school for extra credit, that was fun watching him and Ernie work together on this as it was building and that is a guy thing right. ( that is my story as to why I could not help) He turns it in this morning, I will take a picture of it when he brings it home as I forgot to get one. Tomorrow is the end of the 2nd 9 weeks. So the school year is half over.

Zac is playing basketball, He had two games this last Saturday and one this Saturday. It goes through the end of January so far they have played 4 games and there record is 3-1 not bad.
He has never played basketball before but seems to be learning alot and having fun so that is good. He usually plays fall soccer and some indoor soccer, but we are looking into a spring soccer to see if there is someplace close that has a league.

The day before thanksgiving, we got mustang's full sister Appaloosa ( you knew it was going to be a horse name to go with mustang right). Well she has gained some weight was not heavy enough when we got her. She is doing really good, I hope to show her this year, Ernie has taken a liking to her and has been hunting her alot and she is making real progress out in the woods too.

So that is a little bit of what we have been up too.

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cajunsis said...

I can see why you named her Appaloosa, she looks like one! Pretty dog. I hope she does well.

Zac is sure growing! Wowsers! Does he have a girlfriend yet? lol... it won't be long! He is a handsome young man.